Wednesday, November 18, 2009

play n fun[1+1]

tis sun(22/11/09)is penang bridge international marathon,haha tis time i gt go run lo

tis year i gt run peace run in youth park few months ago n dec shi i also will go starwalk so tis
year i seldom go c doctor lo cos run here run there the bacteria c me also run away,hehe^^
i fun run de cos no energy run half marathon pun so jiu go there hav run jiu enough

hooi pin tis sat 9pm gua will fetch me n june leong go lo
i here wan thank my friend especially hooi pin n june leong 4 helping me^^
4 those who will run the Penang Bridge Marathon hope tat we will meet there

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Muet speaking

hahaha,2day is my turn 4 speaking le,i not really satisfied wif my performance,but anyway still ok la...

My speaking de title is "Wat is the best way to reform young ppl who break the law

a)Send to jail
b)rehabilitation centre
C)social work
d)guidance of mentor

i kena social work lo,tat time i very nervous so tis certainly effect my performance
b4 tat we all are quarantine in a small room bcos the q is same 4 tat particular session
tat small room very cool lo,tis make me bcome lagi nervous
my group is the last group so have 2 do speaking at 1pm gua but anyway still gt say smtg lo

Sunday, September 20, 2009


world no1 badminton player,lee chong wei lose again to lindan(22-20,15-21,21-7)
but i still support him de
i support him bcos i believe he will n can win against lindan de

when i c him play in any competiton,i can feel tat he is a profesional player n he try to win every game
but he always feel pressure de bcos he is the best player in the world n he must maintain his ranking

he is the one tat can control his emotion unlike lindan(hot temper person, arrogant,n think he is the best de)i very hate lindan de paten de
lee chong wei is the hardworking in our national team so he cai nen be world no1 de

donoe lo,but anyway it thinktat it will not effect his performance de
i will supprt u de lcw,add oil...

Friday, September 18, 2009


People involved:润麟,长量

tis Tuesday happen one incident which u never expect but it happen le
ok,tat time we all study in dk1 n teacher is teaching in front n there is noise from all corner of the class

but suddenly something is begin to happen
长量jiu disturb 润麟 n he is in bad mood le
润麟 turn behind n hit 长量de face several times wif his hand ,u all noe la wat is the feeling gua
later润麟jiu stand up n turn behind shout very loud n say.....
tis time all class suddenly quiet le n all our eyes is on them

i thought tat 润麟will be good after he shout but he get a bottle n throw it to the face of长量
ben lai i seat back of them de but tat day seat very far from them really hao cai if not i jiu cham lo
so who is always disturb ppl de careful lo,tis incident may happen to u de,haha

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Recently, i always hear tis words "1Malaysia"
but wat is the meaning?

tis is the our prime minster,Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak de dream to unity us
wah tis time the 1Malaysia gt video lagi

d "potong saga"video really funny,i laugh until tear come out
who still not yet watch jiu faster go2 watch it

''chocolate"also good pun,made by Yasmin Ahmad
tis video revealed tat parents is the ones influences their children n teach them about racism

haha today i play badminton wif hooi pin at lee chong wei d court
also play wif 4 other Indian(hooi pin de neighbour)

i think i still hold on my perception n think Indian ppl r the ones who r violence
but when i play n talk wif them i cai realises tat i am wrong,they r friendly

i think tis is the right time4 us2 make an effort to achieve 1Malaysia

although we always hear many many things bad about our country but remember no ones is perfect de


Thursday, June 18, 2009


today,i go to Summit for one education fair,we about 40ppl go there by bus,haha i go there because gt marks for kokurikulum n no need bus fares de because school paid de

we stay there about 2 hours only ,actually i decided walk back from Summit de because it is very near my house but teacher say can't do that so jiu go back school,haiz

i really want to thank my father,why i say that?

ben lai i wan to go to IBM tuition Fiz de,but IBM say no place for me because too many ppl le
so i wait n wait IBM to call me n every time phone ring i always hope that it is from IBM de but every time end with disappointment

finally,IBM call me le today but i not at home cos go for the education fair but IBM say if today i no go to register jiu give chance to other ppl cos many ppl is waiting for the place
actually i thought that the education fair is next week de so i forgot to tell my dad about i am at school so my dad can't find me lo

my father is good enough n fly back from his workplace to register for me because he know that i really really wan that Fiz tuition in IBM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

study until 3pm??

attention for those who study f6 de:

we all have to study until 3pm for every Monday and Tuesday le cos Education Department say de(my ayi told me de she is the teacher so don't know whether her information is right or not lo)
but please believe me half half lo,if i was wrong i definitely kena pukul de

tis also good la we f6 have to study so many thing n the teacher teach like a rocket
if every day also study until 3pm jiu good lo,teacher jiu can teach more slowly lo